Auditor-General Staff Numbers set to Increase in 2015


Auditor GeneralSince 2012, the Auditor Generals Office of PNG has been steadily increasing its staff numbers to improve its service delivery more effectively than has been the case in previous years.

In 2012, the auditor general had 130 officers. To date the AGO has increased its numbers to 151 officers and has current approved ceiling of 184 staff members.

The increase in staff numbers has led to a corresponding increase in output from the AGO, as it has completed more Audit reports and special reports in the last two years than in previous years.

The Auditor General Mr Philip Nauga believes that more officers are needed to deliver more audit reports and other duties effectively to the benefit of all stakeholders and the nation.

He said auditing is an extremely labour intensive and time consuming activity. In previous years the office was unable to deliver its mandate effectively due to a very small group of auditors tasked with producing reports for a nation that has experienced tremendous level of growth in the past 20 – 10 years.

It is more important than ever that the AGO deliver its reports on time and up to date to the Public Accounts Committee and other stakeholders, for development and planning processes.

Mr Nauga explained that this year his office has embarked on a process of restructuring, and aligning with the goal to increase its delivery of priority reports and increasing its numbers. They have submitted their restructure plans and re-alignment manpower to the Department of Personal Management. The Auditor General has requested an increase in the staff ceiling to 270 officers.

Under this restructure the Provincial Government Auditing Division and the Performance Audit Division will have the largest increase in staff numbers, with 104 officers for the Provincial Division and 36 for the Performance Audit Division. Other divisions will see moderate increase in staff numbers.

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