PNG Audit Office Transformation near Completion


The PNG Auditor-General, Philip Nauga is pleased with the progress on the renovations to the PNG Audit Office, which are soon to be complete.

He said that since 1998 when the old office structure was established, there have not been any changes.

As a result, 20 years of dirt, clutter and disorganization has accumulated, affecting the performance of the AGO officers and the organization as a whole.

In 2012, he looked at ways to improve the performance of his officers and realized that improving the working environment was very important.

Beginning in 2013 and through to 2014, he has had the different levels of the PNG Audit offices dismantled, renovated, re-painted and cleaned.

The offices are now spacious, better organized with more light let in the windows with a good view of the surrounding Waigani urban eco-system including the John Guise stadium.

“I believe a new environment will improve the productivity at the Auditor General Office. In fact, it has already improved performance of many officers as they are more relaxed. Auditing is a very labour intensive activity and a healthy, relaxing working environment is a priority.”

Work on the all the levels of the AGO is expected to be finished early 2015.

As well as the office renovations and improvements, the AGO officers are also enjoying new professionally tailored uniforms that were designed by the staff themselves.

Auditor-General's Office

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